Guest Book for Dr. Frederick M. Kalisz, Jr.

Provided by Machnowski Funeral Home

Posted by: Donat “Dan” Le Blanc
Sat January 30, 2021
My deepest sympathies on your loss Fred was a true gentleman and a good boss he hired me as his Veterans Director/Agent in 2002. He encouraged me to do more outreach which we did increasing the number of clients from 53 to 540 the largest in the State outside of Boston. He supported everything I did and I lived working for him he will be missed by many.

Posted by: Bobby and Kerri Messier Wilhoite
Sat January 30, 2021
Dear Kalisz Family
So very sorry,You are in our thoughts and prayers,May our Lord and Savior give you comfort during this time of loss.

Posted by: Diana Konstantakos
Sat January 30, 2021
My deepest sympathy to the Kalisz family. I used to work for the HDC and that’s where I met him. I will never forget what he did for me and my family when I lost my husband. He even came to the Greek Church and personally gave me his condolences. He was truly a very kind man. May his memory be eternal.

Posted by: Ed Pacheco
Sat January 30, 2021
My deep heartfelt condolences go out to Pat, Ricky, and the entire Kalisz Family. I am so very fortunate that I could call Fred not only a good friend but also a true mentor. He was the guy that you wanted in your corner for guidance, suggestions or just a pick me up. I enjoyed our conversations and his counsel.  He will be sorely missed and thought of often. If someone decides to create a scholarship fund in his memory please let me know. I would be honored to help or to donate.

Posted by: Lt.Ken Furtado (Ret) Umass Police Dept.
Sat January 30, 2021
My deepest sympathy to the entire Kalisz family. He was a great Mayor for the City of New Bedford and was instrumntal in bringing a Regional Police Training Center to downtown for Police In-service Training. Not only was it available for the New Bedford Police, but for all the Bristol County police departments to be able to train there. He will surely be missed by all who knew him.

Posted by: Gregory & Joyce Centeio
Sat January 30, 2021
Pat, Ricky and the entire family of a good friend. We go way back to our Membership on the Board of Junior Achievement in 1975.  Our friendship has endured throughout all these years.  He never thought of himself, but only of his family and serving the entire community. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these difficult times. Well done, Fred, well done.  Rest In Peace!

Posted by: Peg Sullivan
Sat January 30, 2021
My deepest condolences to Fred’s family. I went to high school with Fred, and even then knew he would be an accomplished man. I still remember him as Mayor, every March, Ricky at his side, announcing the New Bedford Half Marathon. He was proud of his city and his family, and showed it. Godspeed, Fred.

Posted by: Myra Goldberg
Sat January 30, 2021
Pat, Ricky and family,
Sincere sympathy to you all. My friendship over the years with Fred and family is cherished.  You are in my thoughts as you gather to remember all the special times you've had together.

Posted by: PETER&Dotty koczera
Sat January 30, 2021
CONDOLENCES  to you both  So sorry to hear of
His passing .HE was a great man and did a lot of great
Things for the city .Always remember you guys
From the POLISH  PICNICS.Hugs to both of you .

Posted by: Ricky Hopp
Sun January 31, 2021
Dear Pat, Ricky, Mike and Christine,
I attended Polish School at OLPH, Stang High and countless weddings and family gatherings in my youth with my Cousin Ricky(Frederick was a Ricky to me).  Your husband, father and brother made a difference in this world, a brilliant, positive difference his entire life!  He made our family very very proud!  Please accept our most sincere and deepest sympathy!

Posted by: Steve & Madeline Paiva
Sun January 31, 2021
Pat, Ricky and all Fred’s family and friends we extend our deepest sympathies. May the memories of all the good times you shared with Fred console you as we all mourn your loss. Memories are food for the soul and may the recollection of the dedication and pleasure that Fred brought to your lives and the lives of so many others sustain you at this difficult time! Rest easy Mr. Mayor in the loving arms of The Compassionate Lord in eternal peace.

Posted by: Brian Abdallah
Sun January 31, 2021
To the Kalisz Family:

My deepest condolences on the loss of Fred. He had a significant role in the turnaround of the Roosevelt Middle School, where I was the Principal for 8 years.
He was extremely supportive of the administration and staff. He was clearly a positive force in the community. May he rest in peace and be with God.
Brian G. Abdallah

Posted by: Peter Schmidt
Sun January 31, 2021
God speed Fred.  Condolences Pat & Ricky.  A good man taken away too soon.

Posted by: Louise E Arruda
Sun January 31, 2021
My deepest sympathy to all of the Kalisz family.  He was a kind and gentle soul and I will never forget and always be grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to work for the City of New Bedford. May he Rest In Peace and watch over his family from above.  He will be truly missed by all.  


Posted by: James Casey
Sun January 31, 2021
Fred was a very special man. A life-long friend and colleague. His passing is a devastating loss to me and all those he worked so hard for, for so many years. His dedication and compassion for others were unmatched. My deepest condolences to Pat, Ricky, and the entire Kalisz Family. May Fred find Eternal Peace with the Lord for all Eternity. He will always be in my heart, soul, and my fondest memories. God Bless Fred and the Kalisz Family. ♥♥♥  
Jim Casey

Posted by: Christine Chapin
Sun January 31, 2021
Dearest Pat and Ricky please accept my deepest sympathy . I am ay a loss for words but know you all mean the world to me. Working in city for Fred was the greatest time of my life. I will always Cherish it and the family I am so close to now and Always. I feel like i lost a friend,and Mentor I hope and pray that Fred will be my guiding spirit in all I do moving Forward I will make him proud. God Bless and if you need anything please call me ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Posted by: Ms. Nazare Abreu
Sun January 31, 2021
Mrs. Pat Kalisz, Ricky Kalisz; Michael, Marlene Kalisz and family; Christine, Joseph McIntyre and family
Please accept our sympathy and deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved Fred Kalisz.  
We thank God for having a compassionate, kind family friend, neighbor, Ward 2 Councillor and as Mayor always available to help us and the City of New Bedford with his many, many accomplishments.
We recall how he always attended the Sunday Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Mass every year. In 2002 we were sitting with our parents in front of Walgreens on Acushnet Avenue watching the parade.  Pat Kalisz was on the right side pushing the carriage with Ricky and noticed our parents.  Fred Kalisz was walking in front on the left side waving to everyone.  Pat Kalisz called Fred Kalisz and he turned and walked over to our parents to shake their hands. Our parents were sitting with our Aunt Alice Abreu from California and our mom's Cousin Kathleen Lapointe from Florida. The look on their faces was so memorable to have a mayor return to shake hands with our parents.  We also remember how he always attended family funeral services for both of parents' , our brother, George and wife, Barbara.   Fred Kalisz is now resting in heaven with Jesus, our Lord and God.  May our Lord and God comfort his beloved wife, Pat, son Ricky and the Kalisz family.

Posted by: Thom O'Grady
Sun January 31, 2021
Fred loved New Bedford and was driven to do all he could for the city and it's people...not for political gain or recognition but a desire to make New Bedford the best it could be. RIP Fred.

Posted by: Jim Phillips
Sun January 31, 2021
My deepest condolences to the family of Frederick Kalisz.  In my book there is only one word to describe Fred: Gentleman.  Always kind, always polite, always thoughtful, he loved the job of Mayor.  He represented the city proudly, and left office with a long list of accomplishments.  Relationships between the press and elected officials are supposed to be adversarial, but he never seemed to let any bad feelings linger.  Yesterday's argument was old news, and today was a new day.  Sadly, we may never see a politician like Fred Kalisz ever again.  May he rest in peace.

Posted by: Joyce Audette
Sun January 31, 2021
Fred you were such a very kind man.  You will surely be missed.  Thought and prayers to your family.

Posted by: Michael and Michelle daSilva
Sun January 31, 2021
Pat, Ricky, Michael, Christine and the entire Kalisz family...Fred was one of a kind; such a pleasure to stop and chat with, catch up on family and current events and always willing to help with anything we needed. He was so proud of his city! Please know we are holding you close in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by: Phil/Ernie
Sun January 31, 2021
Our sympathy an deepest condolences to Pat Kalisz, Ricky, and Kalisz family for loss of your beloved Fred Kalisz.

We remember him as a kind, compassionate neighbor, family friend supporting his Ward 2 City Councillor campaigns for 8 years and supporting his Mayoral campaigns for the City for 8 years. He was a kind compassionate mayor who always helped everyone and the City with his many accomplishments. We recalled his presence at Feast of Blessed Sacrament Mass at Immaculate Conception Church and attendance at Feast every year. He would always make charitable donations for Feast Program Book from Ernie.

May God comfort his wife, Pat Kalisz, his son, Ricky Kalisz, and Kalisz family at this time of sorrow. He is now resting in heaven.

Posted by: Edward Abreu
Sun January 31, 2021
Our sympathy an deepest condolences to Pat Kalisz, Ricky, and Kalisz family for loss of your beloved Fred Kalisz.

I remember him as a kind, compassionate neighbor, family friend supporting his Ward 2 City Councillor campaigns for 8 years and supporting his Mayoral campaigns for the City for 8 years. He was a kind compassionate mayor who always helped everyone and the City with his many accomplishments. I recall his presence at the Feast of Blessed Sacrament Mass at Immaculate Conception Church and attendance at the Feast every year purchasing raffle tickets in our Raffle Booth.

May God comfort his wife, Pat Kalisz, his son, Ricky Kalisz, and Kalisz family at this time of sorrow. He is now resting in peace in heaven.

Posted by: Anthony Taber
Sun January 31, 2021
My sympathy and deepest condolences to Pat Kalisz, Ricky, and Kalisz family for loss of your beloved Fred Kalisz.

Fred Kalisz was always available to help me, giving me personal recommendations for summer jobs delivering meals from the Buttonwood Center, giving personal recommendations for high school, U-Mass Dartmouth and full-time professional jobs. I will always remember him as a wonderful family friend and neighbor, now resting in heaven.


Posted by: Steven P. Miller
Sun January 31, 2021
My deepest sympathy to the Kalisz Family. Fred was a good man! I was proud to know him, and proud that he was my Mayor! I was very surprised and impressed when Fred attended my late Mother's funeral service in March, 2015. He did not know my Mother, but the fact that he took the time to attend is awesome! Shows that he was a decent man!!

Posted by: Liz Taber
Sun January 31, 2021
My sympathy an deepest condolences to Pat Kalisz, Ricky, and Kalisz family for the loss of your beloved Fred Kalisz.

Fred Kalisz was always available to help me, giving me personal recommendation for summer jobs working in the Buttonwood Center Office, encouraging me to enter the Springfield Teenage Pageant and giving me personal recommendations for Bishop Stang High School, Boston University, and full-time professional jobs. Every summer when I visited home, he would always greet me in the Raffle Booth and inquire about how I was doing. I will always remember him as a wonderful family friend, now resting in heaven.

Posted by: George Philip Abreu
Sun January 31, 2021
My sympathy an deepest condolences to Pat Kalisz, Ricky, and Kalisz family for loss of your beloved Fred Kalisz.

Fred Kalisz was always available to help me, giving me personal recommendations fro high school and Johnson & Johnson Wales University. I recall him stopping at our home to inquire about my dad who had been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and attending my parents' funeral services. He is now resting in peace in heaven.

Posted by: Barry and Nancy Starr
Sun January 31, 2021
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Kalisz family. Fred was a one of a kind , always a kind and thoughtful person , true nice guy. Was always 100% for New Bedford, 24--7 .
He might been gone from sight and sound but he will never be forgotten.

The Family of Barry And Nancy STARR.

Posted by: Aja DeSousa
Sun January 31, 2021
My deepest condolences to the family. Mayor Kaliz was a wonderful man and New Bedford was very fortunate to have such a dedicated individual as him serve our city and its people. I met Mayor Kaliz through my late mother over 20 Years ago and no matter how much time passed he always made sure to take the time and ask me how my family and I was doing. Truly a great loss, God Bless him and his entire family. Thank you Mayor Kaliz for all your service may you rest in peace.

Posted by: Mary-Anne Sheppard
Sun January 31, 2021
When he was mayor, Fred would visit my third grade classroom weekly at Gomes Elementary School to give my students a Junior Achievement lesson.  They so much looked forward to his visits and thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. At the end of the year he invited me and my students to City Hall.  After  giving us a complete tour, he led us to his private office.  There he insisted that I sit at his desk with my students gathered around me.  It was a moment I will never forget.  Thank you Mayor Kalisz. May you Rest In Peace.

Posted by: Patti McGuire Liversedge
Mon February 01, 2021
Dearest Pat, Ricky, and the entire Kalisz family.
Please accept my deepest sympathy at this time. When made aware of his passing I was shocked and devastated! I had a conversation with God and told him we can’t afford to loose such a fine, heartfelt, kind, considerate man like Fred. This world needs more Fred’s and we cannot be doing without them. My part in their life was to involve them,Fred and Pat in childbirth prep classes when they were expecting Ricky! I feel to this day that I was in the presence of such loving, caring people. Fred was so taken with the births that several times a tear ran down his face.I knew then that Ricky was going to be so loved it made my heart swell with pride that I was blessed to be the one helping them to prepare for all scenarios of the childbirth experience. They were such a pleasure to be involved with our time together flew. Ricky was and will always be the their bursting with pride, loving creation. Not all that long ago, Fred reached out to me to update me on Rickys accomplishments and where his future was heading. Imagine he wanted to share his loving pride with me. Again I was so grateful to have known Fred and Pat and to be thought of enough to share Rickys path in life! Fred was a gentle,kind,caring everyday man who always put his best foot forward to help someone out, he was definitely one of a kind. His memory and all his personal and career accomplishments will be held close when recalling this wonderful man. Fred you were gone much too soon. Just know you will never be forgotten as you have left so many foot prints on so many lives🙏🙏. Rest In Peace Fred, your journey has been completed, and it’s time to have solace. With much love and admiration, Patti McGuire Liversedge

Posted by: William Texeira
Mon February 01, 2021
A Man to remember and never forget.

It is with sadness that I sit here writing my inner feeling in regard of the passing of a great man and friend Fred Kalisz. Fred was the man who others should follow for his example as a very loving Husband, Father, Family Man, Friend and one who loved his community and lived his faith. Fred was just a person you could not say no to. Remembering the times, he asked me to Drive Dignitaries from Lisbon Portugal and be their interpreter. Working with him and Mary Vermette to translate for the Boat Builders who came to build the Whale Boats. The projects he approved to open the New Bedford Art Museum and having Kerri Ross full rain to operate it, the helping hand he gave us members of the Club Madeirense sponsors of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. The help at the Museum of Madeiran Heritage to get projects done and the many times attending meetings at UMass Dartmouth with he and my Cousin Joseph Baptista to work on programs for students. Fred would always meet me after he retired from being the Mayor of New Bedford to meet me at MASS on the opening day of the Feast. Moving to Florida in 2013 and getting involved here with the Titusville Police Department and being on the Board of PAL came with an idea to do a student exchange between Titusville youth and New Bedford underprivileged youth. I received the ok from here to explore the idea and took a flight up to New Bedford and sat down with Mayor Kalisz to present the idea. As we talked about it, he picked up the phone and called Carl Alves and asked him to work out the details with me to make it happen. So, we did the swap and it worked out just fantastic where Titusville underprivileged youth got to see snow, Cape Cod, and three Tenement Houses and more. The New Bedford kids got to see the Kennedy Space Center and a lot more. Fred up until last week before his passing would always comment on our Valiant Radials Facebook page, and My Portuguese Friends Facebook Page. Yes, Fred Kalisz was one of a kind and one man I will never forget and always try to help others as he always did in his lifetime. Rest in Peace my Friend.

William Texeira
Titusville, Florida 32780

Posted by: Bob and Nancy Davis
Mon February 01, 2021
Dear Pat, Ricky and family, our most heartfelt sympathies.  So very sorry to hear of your loss of such a wonderful man.  Fred was absolutely one of a kind, in politics, at home, and around the city that he loved so much.  He could amaze us with so much he could pack into a day, early to late, 7 days a week.  Whether running the city, reading to kindergartners, or getting ready for the next storm, event or dignitary, it was all in a day's work for Fred... and still, he always had time to speak with the next person he recognized (and he recognized LOTS of folks!).  Most endearingly, if he could have Ricky with him, he was the proudest, happiest man you were going to meet all day.  Truly unique, truly special, we will miss him very much.  God speed Fred.

Posted by: Thomas Demanche
Mon February 01, 2021
Dear Christine and Mike,
I will never forget your Brother and our high school years together. He was a true , honest friend, a standup guy.....a life well lived.....My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Pat and Ricky.

Posted by: Adam Abelha
Mon February 01, 2021
The passing of Dr. Fred Kalisz is a sad tragedy. Another person lost to the ravages of this terrible pandemic. Gone too soon, Fred leaves a legacy of caring and a legacy of decency. I always remember him coming to my Dad's wake because my Dad was a customer at Fred's uncle's lumber store years ago, Kalisz Lumber. Fred told me that he remembered my Dad and the nice conversations they had while Fred worked there as a young man. He said he always looked forward to when my Dad would come in. That was Fred Kalisz. This was decades later, but he took the time to come to pay respects to my Dad. No fanfare. No media event. Just a good decent man paying his respects. Whenever I saw Fred all these years after he served as Mayor of New Bedford I always called him Mayor. I did so out of respect. He was a very good Mayor. A caring Mayor. A man who loved his city and worked to make it a better place. He should have been Mayor for life. He cared that much. I used to tell him he remined me of Tom Menino of Boston. A Mayor who also loved his city, in that special way.  In losing Fred we lost a good guy who helped many people. He helped people who were friends and people who might be his foes, and people he barely knew. He guided many young people to be their best self. This past week I read many heart-warming stories to that effect. We get one life. One chance to do it right. Fred did it right. The memory of his life will flourish for many years to come in the hearts and minds of all of us that he touched. I am heartbroken to the core with his passing and I'll never understand God's plan, but I will always be thankful that Fred touched my life. Mr. Mayor, rest in everlasting peace.

Posted by: Linda Frank
Mon February 01, 2021
My condolences to his family.   I had Dr. Kalisz as a professor at Umass Dartmouth.   I found his class for Business Law extremely interesting.  He made that class exciting and informative.   He will be missed.   He was a wonderful and talented teacher .

Posted by: Dawn Mendes
Mon February 01, 2021
Our deepest sympathies to the Kalisz family -
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time.
Fred and I were in Junior Achievement together during our high school years.
Even back then, we all knew he was going to be a great leader in the community.
Fred always devoted so much time and effort to everything he was involved in.
Fred's legacy will live on for many generations.
Dawn and Bill Mendes


Posted by: Arthur & Susan Motta & Family
Mon February 01, 2021
Dear Pat, Ricky and the entire Kalisz Family: Words can't express how deeply saddened we are at this most terrible loss. Know that our prayers and loving thoughts of Fred are with you, now and forever. The Motta Family.

Posted by: Gregory Centeio II
Tue February 02, 2021
My Condolences on the passing of Fred. He was my mentor while serving on a Catholic School Board. He always gave me good advice and will be dearly missed.

Posted by: Patrick and Nancy Reilly
Tue February 02, 2021
Christine, Joe and The Entire Kalisz Family,

We are are so sorry to hear of Fred's unexpected passing.  

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Our deepest condolences.

Patrick and Nancy Reilly

Posted by: Deberah (Fryzel) Savaria
Tue February 02, 2021
Dear Christine,

My deepest sympathy goes out to you and his family. From the moment I met your brother in JA I knew Fred was a man on a mission. He may have been taken from all of you too soon but be proud of all of his accomplishments and take comfort in knowing he got to fulfill many of his aspirations throughout the city of New Bedford. With caring thoughts and prayers,


Posted by: Gerald Rooney
Tue February 02, 2021
Fred Kalisz was certainly a "people person".  When I was the director of the Opportunity Center for the challenged, Fred was one of the first to respond to any activity or fund-raiser.  He was consistent with his on-going support for those in need.

As well, when we had visiting students from our Japanese Sister City, Fred went out of his way to greet them.  He would usher them into his office and have them sit around the big table.  He would encourage them to give their opinions on all manner of down-to-earth subjects.  Of course they all left with souvenirs of the city and a fond memory of a chief administrator who really cared for them and their impressions.  He made them feel like true ambassadors.

When history reflects on the legacy of New Bedford Mayors and valued members of our society, certainly Fred will be at the upper level of all those who served.  Our deep sympathies to his family and all those who cherish his valued memory.

Gerry Rooney

Posted by: Steven Wojtaszek
Tue February 02, 2021
Pat, Ricky, Christine & Michael,  
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of loss.  Fred was an EXTRAORDINARY individual whose accomplishments were many.  A grade school & high school classmate and family friend, Fred was truly my best friend.

Rest in peace Fred,
Steve Wojtaszek

Posted by: Patti Foley
Tue February 02, 2021
Pat, Ricky and all of the Kalisz family. My deepest sympathies to all of you.
I am shocked and deeply saddened at the news of Fred's passing. He was a wonderful, caring man who cared a greatl deal for our city.
I have many fond memories of him when I managed the Touraine Apartments and organized a neighborhood crime watch group. He actively particiapated and managed to close several drug houses in the area.
He will be truly missed by many.
Prayers for all of you.

Posted by: Patricia Reynolds
Tue February 02, 2021
My deepest condolences to all of u especially his christine living in Florida if i go i would be there for u. My deepest condolences to the family.

Posted by: Kim Hudon
Tue February 02, 2021
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Fred was such a wonderful person.

Posted by: Jean MacCormack
Tue February 02, 2021
I send my heartfelt prayers to Pat, Ricky, Michael and all the Kalisz family at this devasting loss of such a good man.  You all meant the world to him and he made that so clear to everyone  who knew and worked with him. It was my good fortune to have him be the Mayor of New Bedford when I came to UMass. He welcomed me warmly and worked collaboratively with me on so many projects. I admired him, appreciated his common sense and his deep commitment to his City. He became a trusted colleague and friend and he will be greatly missed. He  was a true public servant and especially in these challenging times his example is to be emulated.  May his memory bring comfort to all who loved him  Jean

Posted by: Robyn Carpenter
Wed February 03, 2021
Pat, Ricky & The Kalisz Family,
Please accept my deepest sympathies. My thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Posted by: Lois Spirlet
Wed February 03, 2021
To the family of Dr. Kalisz
      Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Fred was a true friend of
      my husband Dick.  Lois Spirlet and Family

Posted by: Brad marlowe
Wed February 03, 2021
Im so sorry for your lost r.i.p. dr fred kalisz god will be by your side youWes will be deeply miss brad

Posted by: Barbara, Tom Knight and Family
Wed February 03, 2021
Dear Christine, Joe and family,
We are truly saddened by the news of your dear brother Fred's passing.
What a tremendous loss he is to your family and to many friends in New Bedford.
May your fond memories help you at this difficult time and bring you peace.
With Sympathy,

Barbara, Tom Knight and Family


Posted by: James Rogers
Wed February 03, 2021
For over twenty years, I enjoyed Fred's friendship as we worked together on the Miss Mass Pageant. We also shared many weekly dinners when he headed the JA in Fall River  as well in our travels to various local pageants throughout the Commonwealth.
I recall fondly these memories as I express my sincere sympathy to you and your son at this time.
May he be with al his deceased relatives and friends especially our dearly beloved Father McCarrick.
Love and prayers,
Jim Rogers


Posted by: Michael and Laura Gula
Fri February 05, 2021
Our deepest condolences to Pat, Ricky and the entire Kalisz family. Fred was such a dedicated servant to his faith, family, community and organizations. He was truly a good, decent man and would do anything to help a person in need. We will miss seeing him "around  the town" that he was so dedicated to even in retirement,(if  that word was ever in his vocabulary). God Bless.     Mike, Laura and Family

Posted by: Rosemary Nunes
Fri February 05, 2021
Pat & Ricky,
I have been searching for words to say to you at such a difficult time but I realize nothing can take away your pain. It was a shock and deep sadness hearing of Fred‘s passing. I first met Fred one August day when, as a city counselor he stopped in at my Station (not in his ward) to see if we were dealing with the heat OK, that just wasn’t done. That is when I learned what kind of man he was and how much he cared about the city.
As I got to know him I also learned how much he loved his family, and when you were born Ricky did he just beam with pride! It was with that same pride that he called one day and said you wanted to come and ride along with us and talked of your interest in the medical field. He was just so happy when he spoke of his family. My sincere condolences to you both and the rest of the family. May happy memories soon replace your pain and sadness
Rosemary Nunes

Posted by: John Williams
Sat February 06, 2021
My deepest sympathy to the Kalisz family.  The Charlton College of Business shares in your sorrow.  Fred's passion for teaching and his commitment to students will never be forgotten.  His dedication to education made him truly special.  He will be missed by all.

Posted by: Kathryn Zielinski McNeil
Sat February 06, 2021
Fred always had something nice to say. When my Father passed away he wrote the most thoughtful condolence to us. I am so sorry that such a sincere and caring man had to go so soon. My thoughts are with you.


Posted by: Bob Glavan
Sat February 13, 2021
As a J.A. acquaintance of Fred my memories revolve around the summers in Bloomington, IN. He and I graduated high school and college in the same years and our paths crossed annually through most of the years from 1975 until the conference's run ended 20+ years later. Friendships that are connected in a recurring annual way are rich and the memories made in our summers remain vivid when it comes to Fred. He was the conference rock and a stabilizing force in the the various departments that he staffed/supported each summer. In my case, we connected most frequently in the office and related to conference communications. He knew all the ins and outs and always was the level headed voice of reason as decisions were made. I was blessed to have known, work and learn from Fred and I cherish our time together. While we can't be with you right now my wife and I send our sincere condolences to Fred's wife and family. He was a great man who made a difference in his community and his impact on others is far greater in the hundreds of people who he touched in a positive way each summer through the JA program. He will be missed. God bless.

Posted by: Joseph P. Kenyon Jr.
Sat February 13, 2021
I was very saddened to hear about Fred's passing.  My condolences to the Kalisz Family.  May God continue to bless you during this difficult time.  

Joseph Kenyon

Posted by: Corinne Mucha Wilkinson
Mon February 22, 2021
My deepest sympathy to my Kalisz cousins. My parents Carolyn and Chester Mucha always stayed in touch with the family. They spoke highly of Freddie and were contributors to his campaign. I regret that the next generation did not keep up the connection.
In sorrow,
Corinne Wilkinson

Posted by: terri tripp
Sun February 28, 2021